An Important Message Regarding Google

And Ranking on Page 1


LA2: Stealth

Has Google Flagged YOU?

Why do I need LA2 Stealth?

LA2 shows you how to quickly rank for buying derived keywords using the authority of press releases. Your Press releases act as a page one conduit to your landing page, that’s really where the magic happens as you will see in just a moment. But it’s also where problems can sometimes materialise.

Your landing page or to be more accurate; the domain that your landing page is attached to, may prevent your PR attaining the position in the search engines it rightly deserves.


Google look for footprints in an effort to stamp out what they see as unhelpful or spam content – When you do the same or very similar things online over and over and they’re aware of your footprint they may consider your efforts as spam or not helpful or of no value.

Footprints are really very easy for Google to spot too because we make it easy for them, we build site after site on the same hosting plan, we use the same details and registrars, believe me it’s blatantly obvious


Most of us are guilty of this…

And If Google does flag you, then the value of all of your sites can suffer & anything new you build; such as a new site for your LA2 projects is instantly flagged and often penalised…

When this happens the authority you gained from using a press release platform is automatically eroded by the flagged landing page which can make it difficult to get your PR to the top.

Most of us are guilty of leaving an obvious footprint, myself included

Penalties are already apparent and they will get worse but they can be avoided…

Hide Your Footprint – Claim Instant Domain Authority

LA2: Stealth

  • Stealth training is delivered as a 20 minute step by step training video and a 14 page PDF.
  • Together this training shows you this simple & cheap to apply trick to hide your footprint
  • Increase your chances of ranking higher and faster
  • Claim instant domain authority
  • By claiming instant authority for your landing page domain and combining it with the authority of the PR platform your LA2 projects become a huge force

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Upgrade pricing is set to begin at just $27 and will climb after every few sales (Dimesale). If you are interested in upgrading… do it now because the price will go up


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