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Would you like to Copy my Exact Business Model? – Design, Copy, Graphics, PRs; they’re all yours… LOOK


LA2: Template Pack

My Business Model 90% DONE For YOU

Copy my exact formula right down to the very landing pages and graphics I use.

Like we mentioned in the video, the look, content and feel of your landing page has to be right, in fact it’s crucial.

Your landing page is where the magic happens, it’s where you convince visitors to actually whip out they’re credit card and buy something.

It’s all there in LA2

Now that you own LA2 you’ll know exactly how to achieve that look and feel, you’ll know which themes we use, how to lay things out, what to put where and how to make your own killer graphics… it’s all there in LA2.

But this offer means you don’t have to do any of that, not a thing… If you grab this offer you won’t need that WordPress theme in fact you won’t even need to install WordPress.

LA2 Template Pack

LA2 Template Pack instantly solves that major sticking point, download, unzip, make a few changes (video instructions are included) and then simply upload to your host… That’s it, you’re done!

Sound Simple?

Well that’s the idea…

LA2 Template Pack is designed to remove the learning curve and get you up and running in the shortest possible time.

Each page comes pre-formatted with pre-defined layout, graphics, buttons, text decoration scripts, font and the pre-sell copy I personally use.

Design, Copy, Graphics, PRs; they’re all yours…


If you grab the template pack right now you’ll also receive access to a ready to go press release. I’ve had it colour coded ready for editing; to suite all of your projects.

What could be easier? Open the word document, then change or edit the blue text, add your details and submit.

And there’s more…

Order now and I’ll even throw in the 4 unique bonus graphics which I personally designed to use in the case study along with the bonus downloads for you to use.

LA2: Template Pack

  • 3 landing page files fully formatted and ready to go. These 3 pages make up the exact LA2 funnel I personally use. Including layout, fonts, graphics, text decoration scripts, copy, buttons and more…
  • 4 brand new bonus graphics and bonuses ready to use
  • 3 pre-written PRs colour coded and ready to edit and use.
  • 2 documents containing landing page text.
  • 25 minute step by step instruction video covering everything from downloading to editing to uploading to your host.

You could do the whole thing yourself, or you could just grab this pack now and save yourself hours of work.

Take a Look Inside the LA2 Templates Pack Area



Upgrade pricing is set to begin at just $14 and will climb after every few sales (Dimesale). If you are interested in upgrading… do it now because the price will go up


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